Friends of James Terry Court
What a load-a-skittles! Last   year   the   committee   of   Friends   of   James   Terry   Court   challenged   the   Provincial Executive   to   a   game   of   old   fashioned   skittles   at   a   little   country   hostelry   in   Surrey   JTC    lost,    just!   This    year    we    through    down    the    gauntlet    again    but    due    to    other engagements   on   two   members   of   the   Executive   could   come.   To   assist   the   situation, members   of Tamesa   Lodge   supplied   enough   Brethren   and   their   wives   to   make   up   the team. One   team   was   called   “them”,   the   other   “n’us”.   Well   “them   n’us”   fought   a   good   battle with lots of banter and the final result was We-e won, We-e won, We-e won It   was   a   good   afternoon   of   fun   and   laughter   and   we   look   forward   to   a   return   match next year.
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