Friends of James Terry Court
The Eighth Ladies Night at the Home. On   the   29 th    April,   the   day   of   the   Royal   Wedding   of   Prince   William   and   Miss   Kate Middleton,   The   Friends   of   James   Terry   Court   hosted   a   Ladies   Night   to   celebrate   this special day. After   photos   were   taken   and   a   sherry   or   two   had   been   seen   off,   96   Residents,   Relatives and guests sat down to a special dinner prepared by the Head Chef, Sandra. The   President   for   the   evening   was   in   fact   a   shared   affair   between   W.Bro   John   Banks (Vice   Chair   of   the   Friends)   and   Mrs   Diane   Collins   (Home   Manager).      The   special   guest for   the   evening   was   David   Innes,   Chief   Executive   of   the   RMBI   plus   W.Bro   Derek   Barr APGM   and   his   wife   together   with   W.Bro   Jonathon   Knopp   APGM   and   his   wife.   The whole   evening   was   overseen   by   our   Master   of   Ceremonies   W.Bro   Roger   Thomson   who has   carried   out   this   role   for   free   since   our   first   Ladies   Night.   The   waiting   staff   was   as   in past years, members of Tamesa Lodge and their partners who did a splendid job. The   Ladies   gift   this   year   was   a   beautiful   Mug   in   a   presentation   box   commemorating   the Royal   Wedding   of   our   future   King   and   Queen.   A   Wedding   Cake   had   been   created   by Sandra   and   at   the   end   of   the   speeches,   the   eldest   Resident,   Lady   Eileen   Ryder,   ably assisted   by   her   Daughter,   cut   the   cake   to   much   applause.   The   event   was   rounded   off   by the Residents’ favourite singer, Freddie Gates, who entertained everyone. A wonderful evening fit for a King.
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