Friends of James Terry Court
Ladies Night 2010 The time once again arrived for the Friends to hold their annual Ladies Night for the Residents at the Home. It was the seventh year that the event has been held and this year it took place on Friday 16th April 2010.The Friends were delighted to welcome W. Bro. Charles Dench as President for the evening. Charles was accompanied by his wife Mary, both of whom looked resplendent. We were also honoured by the presence of W. Bro. Chris Rashbrook, Assistant Provincial Grand Master and his wife Shirley. As has been the tradition for this event, the proceedings were looked after by our favourite Toast Master, W. Bro. Roger Thompson, who very kindly gave his for services free. We were also extremely grateful, once again, to members of Tamesa Lodge No 6806, and their partners, for providing the waiter and waitress service to the Residents and guests. In all there were 74 people dining, enjoying a wonderful meal, which was followed by some live entertainment, provided this year by an entertainer by the name of Freddie G. Performing songs by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin amongst others, he proved to be very popular with all those present. The evening was rounded off with a raffle. The Friends receive a major donation During the Ladies Night the Friends were also delighted to be presented with a donation of £50,000. The presentation was made by W. Bro. Peter Kendall, former Chairman of the Friends of James Terry Court and now the Vice President. The donation came from Ruskin Park Lodge No 4137, of which W. Bro. Kendall had been a member. It had been left to the Lodge as a legacy by one of their members. Unfortunately, shortly after the Lodge had received this gift they had to hand in their warrant and close. It has therefore taken some time for the donation to make its way to the Friends, but through the tireless efforts of W. Bro. Kendall and others, it was finally presented to the Friends at the Ladies Night. W. Bro. Frank Lee, the current Chairman of the Friends Committee was more than pleased to accept the donation which will be used for a specific project within the Home. This project has yet to be decided.
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